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Olympia called the Hottentot Venus & morgue-like again…

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Caricature of Saartjie Baartman, called the "Hottentot Venus"

Critic Geronte writes, May 21st, 1865:

That Hottentot Venus with a black cat, exposed completely naked on her bed like a corpse on the counters of the morgue, this Olympia from the rue Mouffetard [a notorious haunt of prostitution at the time], dead of yellow fever and already arrived at an advanced state of decomposition.


Olympia derided as sick prostitute with black familiars

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In the journal La Fraternité Littéraire, 1865

What verse! What a picture! Olympia awakes, weary from … dreaming. She has had a bad night, that is evident. Insomnia and colic have disturbed her serenity; her color indicates as much. There are two “black messengers”: a cat which has been unfortunately flattened between two railway sleepers; a negress who has nothing about her that “recalls the amourous night” unless it be a bouquet bought at the florist’s on the corner, and paid for by Monsieur Arthur, which tells me a great deal about Olympia. Arthur is certainly in the antechamber waiting.

G. Randon satirizes Olympia’s suggested trade

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In Le Journal, June 29, 1865

Maid: Madame.

Olympia: What is it?

Maid: There’s a man that wants to see you on business.

Olympia: Show him in.

(Apparently, that’s the way things are done among certain “ladies.”)