Word Clouds

One of the most compelling aspects to the showing of Manet’s Olympia is its multi-vociferous response. The words, the kinds of words (witch, monster), and the multiplicity of words (dirty, grotesque, morgue) can paint a picture of what Olympia appeared to Parisians in 1865. Using the modern technology of tag and word clouds, we have created two pictures for you to visualize the types of word “clouds” created around Olympia in 1865.

1865 Olympia Word Cloud in “Wordle:”

The following is a pictorial representation created in the program Wordle:

Olympia 1865 Word Cloud, by Wordle (

1865 Olympia Tag Cloud in “Many Eyes, Wikified:”

The following is a live, dynamic tag cloud created in IBM’s Many Eyes, Wikified that takes all the postings from the blog and creates a tag cloud with actual counts. Please click on the link below to get to this tag cloud:

Click here for the Many Eyes, Wikified Tag Cloud


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